User-Friendly Limericks
The water looked nice at the shore, so
I immersed myself up to my torso.
But next thing I knew
Both my nipples were blue
And my masculine parts, even moreso.

There once was a young man named Chisholm
Who favored colloquialism
And deep down inside his
Worst fear was antidis-

Visual Limericks
Our baker is quite easygoing
But he doesn’t know what he is doing.
When he’s kneading the dough
His technique is too rough:
If the bread hits the floor, it goes “boing!”

Limericks for Neurodynamicists
There once was a prankster named Bard
Who fed rice to the ducks in his yard.
He’d note the vibrations
Of Hopf bifurcations
And then the explosive canards!

I once gave an E-cell my heart.
We got off to a synchronous start,
but in a few days
we had reached anti-phase
and decoupling torus apart.

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