Take Care Of Your Grownups

So take good care of your grownups
‘Cause grownups are people too
And grownups need to be cared for
Just like normal people do.

Grownup lives are very sedentary
But healthy grownups need to move around
Play hide and seek or tag or toss a baseball
Or cry and never let them put you down.

Sometimes grownup lives are very stressful
They think there’s lots of things they have to do
It’s your job to remind them what’s important
All they need to think about is you.


Grownup brains can’t hold new information
Like where they put their keys or parked their car
So help them figure out their new computers
And don’t let them forget how old they are.

Your grownups may argue with each other
Remember that you’re not the one to blame
They’re probably just looking for attention
Remind them that you love them both the same.


Never tell your grownups that you hate them
Even when that’s what you want to say
When grownups make you angry, just remember
You could be one yourself some day.


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