I am Jonathan (Jon) Cannon.  But there are many Jonathan (Jon) Cannons who I am not.  With a little help from Google, I am happy to point out that

I wish all of these people the best and hope that some day our paths shall cross.  All at the same time.  THAT would be silly.

3 Responses to Disambiguation

  1. Jon Cannon says:

    Hey, Jon, it’s Jon. The, uh, outdoorsy Coloradan practicing law in Nebraska. When ARE we holding the Jon Cannon Reunion?

    • jcannon says:

      We may very well have critical Jon Cannon mass… I have now been contacted by you, the historian, and the Virginia law professor (who declined a nomination to lead the EPA!). I’m not sure exactly where we would meet… although I guess the plurality would vote for Orange County. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. joncannon says:

    Well, I’m up for that. What a party!

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