The Octopus

Well, my life was feeling pointless so I thought I’d take a drive
To see all the stupid fishes lead their wet, pathetic lives
At the old downtown aquarium I wiled away my day
Feeling big and consequential ’till I saw the new display

‘Twas an octopus just in from vera cruz
And the vision of it froze me in my shoes

It was the eyes, it was the eyes,
In those diamonds, black as coal, I saw the darkness in my soul
It was the eyes, it was the eyes,
And no matter how I try, I can never shake the memory of those eyes

I tore myself away and stumbled blindly tank to tank
But the image only sharpened and my spirit only sank
Its sinister appendages had turned my blood to stone
Its twisted rubber body made a mockery of my own

To this day I cannot say exactly why
But I knew the shapeless demon had to die


I found myself employment as a night security guard
By the tropical exhibit that my task would not be hard
And at midnight took advantage of the janitorial keys
To find my nemesis abed among inert anemones

With sushi knife I made my grisly art:
I drove my dagger through his triple heart


Now every night at brink of sleep I feel upon my chest
The tentacles of cephalopods whose spirits never rest
And he pirouettes above me, and he tells me with his stare
In a vast and empty universe no god will ever care

For the meaningless charade of human life
And he wields eight ghostly copies of my knifeā€¦

(chorus, whimpering, fade)

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