Response to Me in Grade 5

My mother found and emailed me a poem I wrote in fifth grade:

Glasses change my view of others.
They’re crystal clear and help me see.
But here’s one thing you wouldn’t think of….
They change people’s view of me.
If you have glasses “you’re a smarty.”
If you have glasses “you’re a geek.”
Stereotypes can be annoying.
But they help me stay unique!

She finished her email with:

So, what does it mean that you decided on contacts?

I thought for a while, and composed my response to her and to myself:

Glasses changed my view of others
And they made me special too!
But when all my peers got glasses
It was time for something new.
So I went ocula rasa
And escaped my hipster kin —
I’ll stick fingers in my eyeballs
Just to keep from fitting in.

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