Wing It: the game of Extreme Storytelling

Wing It: the game of Extreme Storytelling

August 26, 2017 Uncategorized 0

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Over the past four+ years, my childhood friend Molly Zeff and I have been creating a game called Wing It that provides a structure for silly storytelling and open-ended creativity, and is quite a lot of fun. The main game mechanic: decide how you would deal with random challenging situations (hordes of jellyfish, locked in a stinky outhouse, awkward social situations at the DMV…) using the random objects you’re holding in your hand (a pound of leg hair, a solar-powered calculator, a box of kittens, a book of matches, a staple gun…)

Check it out, and if you have some game-appreciating friends, help us get the word out!

Until September 24th, 2017, you can back us and read more on our Kickstarter page.

Afterwards, you can order games and learn more at

Jet-penguin, away!


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