Wing It: the game of Extreme Storytelling

Over the past four+ years, my childhood friend Molly Zeff and I have been creating a game called Wing It that provides a structure for silly storytelling and open-ended creativity, and is quite a lot of fun. The main game mechanic: decide how you would deal with random challenging situations (hordes of jellyfish, locked in a stinky … [Read more…]

How to clean your house with ADHD

DISCLAIMER: I speak from my own ADHD experience. I cannot guarantee that my ideas will work for anyone else, but I’d love to hear about your experiences with ADHD and cleaning! First of all, there are two kinds of cleaning: “cleansing” and “tidying.” The first is what you do to the sink bowl; the second is … [Read more…]

Original tunes: Willow Session and Salt Flats

Slow reels. Willow Session was named in memory of a really cool jam session that Jonah Sidman brought to my house, with Amelia Mason and Bethany Waickman. We played Camel’s Hump and Derry Reel super slow for like ten minutes apiece. So good. Sheet music is available in the “Tunes” section of the website!

Bodhran repair

I bought a bodhran (Irish drum) at one of the regular instrument yard sales held near Powderhouse Circle in Somerville. (If you don’t know about these, keep an eye out for posted flyers in Davis Square!) It sounded great, but after I had taken it home I saw that the skin wasn’t taught in one … [Read more…]

Upward Mobility

To see a clear demarcation of the social classes in American society, one need look no further than the boarding process on US Airways. First, the announcement: “We are ready to begin boarding the aircraft by zone.” Then they immediately begin to board the aircraft by caste. First, military personel. Second, “first” class. Third, Dividend … [Read more…]

New Orleans

My family and I recently returned from a delightful jaunt through New Orleans, in celebration of my parents’ thirty-fifth anniversary. I felt like everyone there was trying to cram sticks of butter into my ears, either musically or culinarily. In other words, the trip was fantastic, and Sara is pretty sure I gained weight. The … [Read more…]